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Life In Stages

Life in Stages is an anthology film thats focus is on a woman suffering from a tragic loss. Each story, while independant, helps illustrate one of the stages of grief. The cast of this project is from all across south western Ontario from other projects like Slaughter at Sumac Ditch, Secret Satnta, Friday Night Death Slot and Daughter of the King. There are also a variety of newcomers appearing for the first time.  The cast is extensive and the talent even larger.


Written by Mike Lutz and J. Robert Bellamy, the two investigate the stages of loss and their meaning in helping someone bring themselves from the edge of depression. Each story holds its own meaning while the wrap around story brings them all together into one narrative.

There are five individual shorts that will be released from this project;

A New Beginning - Released

The Negotiation - Completed and waiting for sound

Let's Make a Deal - Released

Damaged Goods - Released

The Finale - One scene left to shot


The directors chair is passed around on this Project between Kristina Garant, Jason Bechard, Angie Dietrich and J. Robert Bellamy.

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