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JX3 Media Productions is a film Production Company based in Chatham, ON Canada. 



Kristina Garant Studied Dramatic Ats at the University of Windsor in Windsor, Onatrio.  She focused her studies on design.  Kristina is passionate about costumes and is the main Costume Designer for JX3 Media Productions.  Kristina had her  directing debut for the feature film  A Heart's Journey which was written by J. Robert Bellamy. 


Kristina has a wide range of interests in the industry and is excited to explore opporunities in writing, design and directing.

J. Robert Bellamy has always had a love of film, from his first memory of the Star Destroyer blocking out Tatooine. As a part of JX3 he has been an extra, an actor, a writer, a director and many other roles, as those in independent film will understand. He continues to learn what he can to make the best project.

Outside of JX3 he is involved in the Podcast The movie Madhouse, talking about all things pop culture. He is also the co-host of BITS Radio with Kelly Michael Stewart, talking about the Blood in the Snow film Festival and Canadian genre film making. He also participates in a live comedy show in Chatham, Ontario called That's My Line!


Jacob Klassen didn’t realize that he had an interest in film until he met J. Robert Bellamy through work. Jacob’s first taste of Independent Film was as a driver and camera operator for the Life in Stages Anthology: The Negotiation. Though he soon realized that he had a passion for recording sound and has since been a Boom Operator for Jx3 Media Productions. Jacob plans on expanding on his film making knowledge but, for now is enjoying his time in the sound department.

Jason Bechard stumbled into the film industry through the podcast he stars on, The Movie Madhouse. As a member of JX3 he has since written and directed his first short film, The Movie Madhouse: The Hollywood Birth of a Podcast and is working hard on the follow up.

Anthony Miller joined JX3 as a core member to be part of the filming fun. He has since learned the harsh truth, it's a lot of fun and hard work. He drives the marketing side of JX# as well as runs his own motivational business, 1Focus Academy, to help others reach their full potential

“Unlike all the other art forms, film is able to seize and render the passage of time, to stop it, almost to possess it in infinity. I’d say that film is the sculpting of time.”

– Andrei Tarkovsky

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