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Damaged Goods

This is the first short to come out of the anthology 'Life in Stages'. Five people try to rob a bank, but it doesn't go as planned.

Brent Baird [Secret Santa] stars as Dave, the troubled person at the center of the story. With him are his group, Tiffany (played by Caroline El Khoury [Slaughter at Sumac Ditch]), Jesse (newcomer Dillon Robinson), Jacob (Jason Bechard [TMM: Hollywood Birth of a Podcast]) and Shane (J. Robert Bellamy)

We will have this short live for two weeks before we take it into the festival circuit. Watch it before midnight August 28, 2016

The Cast

Brent Baird - Dave

Caroline El Khoury - Tiffany

Dillon Robinson - Jesse

Jason Bechard - Jacob

J. Robert Bellamy - Shane

The Amazing Crew

Cinemaphotographer - Mike Lutz

Camera Operator - Colin Gray

Boom Operator - Katelynn Rollo

Make up Effects - Sam Boehler

Production Assistant - Alex VanDenBrand

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