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Audition Notice.

(Tapes to be submitted by December 25, 2017)

Non union. Rates to be negotiated.


Filming 3 weeks in July 2018. Filming location London, Ontario


Please email your demo reel to Sides will be sent back as part of the audition process.


Reanne: manage of a retail store. Hard working, very driven and indepandant. Married to mackenzie. Late 30's. Female.


Mackenzie: Mechanic. Going through rough times with Reanne. Late 30's. Male.


Sha-Lynn: She has a condition similar to aspergers, due to this she has no filter and doesn't pick up on social cues. She is in he late 20's. Female.


Tyler: An Artist. Very dedicated to Sha-lynn. Early 30's. Male.


Gang leader: Streetwise hood who believes he is better than his poistion, almost to the point of nobility. Late 20's. male.


Gang member 1: The right hand man to leader, his go to guy. Early 30's. Male.


Gang member 2: The clown of the group. late 20s-early 30's. Male.


Gang member 3: The inforcer. Female.


Gang member 4: The tag along. She wants to be liked, very promiscious. Female. Mid to late 20's.


Officer 1: Hard edged no nonsense cop. Late 30's. Male.


Officer 2: New to the force. Trying to hid the fact that she is inexperienced and doesn't know waht she is doing. Female. Mid 20's.

Future Projects

Now accepting resumes and demo reels for future projects.

Please send to :





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