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A group of people go to an abandoned camp in order to restore it back to what it was. Little do they know that an evil has been asleep waiting for someone to return.


This homage to camp horror movies of the 80's brings back the supernatural killer that has been lost. An incredible cast help bring it to life.

Jason Mac plays Eric, the person that brought the group together.

Nazly Sefer plays his attractive and dedicated girlfriend, there to help as much as she can.

Steve Kasan Is Jared, A photographer there to help document everything going on.

Erin Grier plays Samantha, Jared's girfriend that was convinced to join him.

Bo Jeffery playes Trevor, the annoying camper that is there to cause trouble

Dakota Thompson is Anthony, a quiet friend of Eric's looking for extra cash

Duane Lyons and Tammy Chrest play Tyler & Zoe, the stoners there to get back to nature and enjoy life.

Kaylah Felker and Caroline El Khoury are Charice & Christina, a couple of free spirited women looking for beach time and some fun in the woods.

Wendy Graham plays Meghan, Erics best friend

Kevin Lee is Cameron, Meghan's boyfriend that comes out to use his electrian skills where ever needed.

Amanda Demelo is Tiffany, a party girl that thinks some time at camp is just what she needs.

Autumn Scott is Raven, the Goth girl in touch with the darker side of life and trying to find Bruno

Kirsten Dawson plays Vicki, the virgin, there to earn money for school and explore

Jarry Ziler is the crazy old man that wanders around the camp and knows more than he lets on.

Dan Hammond is Bruno. Nuff said.

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