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The Shelter

Six people being held in a room. The door has not opened in 67 days. Survival is the most important thing. Then the door opens...

Jx3, Crazy Mac Productions and Autumn Cygnus Productions have teamed up to bring you The Shelter. We spent 3 incredible days trapped in a room with an amazing cast and crew.

This is your cast;

All the way from L.A. and a great friend of JX3 Jason Mac plays Joseph.

Three more people JX3 loves to work with also appear. Lawrene Denkers (Dark Betrayals, A Heart's Journey, Bite) plays Lauren, Steve Kasan (The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch, Out of Time, Wasted) plays Ricky and Bo Jeffery (The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch, Cupid, From Your Perspective) plays Shane.

And JX3 was introduced to 3 incredible new talents. Samora Smallwood (Teenagers, Berkshire County, I Wish You Love) plays Erin, Shanna Armogan (Madame Kali, Oh Yuck, In Public) plays Jody and Sarah Swerid (Mail Order Ninja, Scars, Exorcism of the Dead) plays Kate.

For the crew, we were helmed by Jason Mac and J. Robert Bellamy as the directors.

Adrian D'Alessandro was the cinemaphotographer and Steve Scott our location sound guru.

Mary Ellen Herder suppied all the make up and effects and the biggest thank you of all to Chris Bullard for supplying the location at The New GME.

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