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The Guardian has officially started principal photography. It was an amazing first day out with 3 more to go. Everyone involved gave a 100% for this, Some even lending a hand they couldn't really afford too.

The Cast for this;

Geoff MacDonald plays Gabe, A guardian for Mila.

Steve Zmijak is Patrick, a member of the military tasked to hunt down anyone he is pointed at by the High Chancellor.

Isabella Di Blasi plays Mila, a girl being hunted with no idea why.

MAry Ellen Herder is The Agent, Tracking Mila and Gabe for the High Chancellor. 

Debra Van Gaalen, Lisa Nichole Young, Joseph Benoit and Jeff O'Rouke play citizens in this dystopian future that are called upon to help by the Agent.

Onset helping were Allison Oster, Peter Demitroff, who wrote the original story this is based on,Simon Hogg, taking all the incredible pictures you see and Rachelle Arsenault, who was our make up and hair person. Plus Mary Ellen Herder pulled double duty being our special effects person as well.

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