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Hit the Webseries

Met Hit. He is a member of the Russian family and an assissin. He is also Harold, a member of the community and a man of many friends. Now we discover what happens when a life he has lived keeping these two apart has them crash together.​

Jx3 along with Autumn Cygnus Productions and Area X Films have wrapped on the first two episodes in a series of films based on short stories written by Hayden Smith.

The role of Hit/Harold is played by Ivan Swan (Twilight Ride, The War Game, The Meet). Claudia, his best friend, is played by Shanna Armogan (Brown Paper Bag, The Shelter, A Very Country Christmas)

Also in this cast are Mitchell Brhelle (The War Game, Psycopath for a Day, Director of Twilight Ride), Dan Hammond (The Slaughter at Sumac Ditch, Life In Stages, Comic book creator of Seth the Elf), Steve Kasan (Slaughter at Sumac Ditch, Friday Night Death Slot, #actorslife) and Monica Meyer (Chewed, Twilight Ride, Coming Clean)

Director of Photography Stefan MacDonald helps bring this story to life with some incredible work

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