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A Heart's Journey

A Heart's Journey was created as another project was put on the shelf. The lead actor in that project had to leave 2 weeks before cameras rolled and we didn't want to lose the talent that was set up. A script was written and everyone jumped on board. So far this is the longest film in post production for us.

This film was a huge part of the learning curve that JX3 have gone through. It was the last time the Panasonic DVX cameras were used. As well this was the last time audio was recorded directly to the tape. Yes, I said tape! This filmed was the first eye opener for the company that what they were doing could be improved very much.

This film is also not the way it was written. Due to an issue with one of the talent the ending had to be rewritten. We would love to hear your feedback on what we filmed and if you're interested we would be happy to share the original ending as well

JX3 would like to thank absolutely everyone on this project. It is officially the longest post production we've had but from all of us, we hope you can find something to enjoy in this.

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